The Importance of Creating a Digital Brand

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The big challenge that marketing teams face is how to stand out in the digital arena, especially as more companies are shifting their resources online. With travel, trade shows, and industry gatherings being cancelled, having a strong digital brand promoted by conventional digital marketing channels is the key to expanding a company’s digital footprint even further than before.  Establishing a strong digital footprint  allows you to:

  • Build trust with your current and prospective customers
  • Expand your audience
  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Implement a long-term marketing strategy

Digital branding is the impression you leave with customers that builds rapport and a  long-term relationship. The easiest way to start building these relationships that in turn build your digital brand is a content pipeline consisting of both written and visual. Although all content is powerful, high-quality visual content can be more impactful.  Visual content allows you to:

  • Establishes a concrete brand identity that is recognizable
  • Differentiates you from others in the space
  • Personalizes the buyer’s journey and the brand experience
  • Engages your audience within traditional digital marketing channels

Build out your content pipeline by leveraging in-house resources, agencies, freelancers, and/or content production platforms. Make sure your teams stay aligned, organized, and secure with a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) like Brandfolder.  The digital marketing plan may include:

  • Paid and Organic Social
  • Media Content
  • Virtual  Events
  • Webinars
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Display ads
  • And more

As marketing teams remain agile and navigate uncharted waters, they continuously are working on digital branding to ensure that their brand is easily identifiable and reaches their target audiences. Digital marketing will be the keys to originality, visibility, and a brand’s success.  Learn more about what goes into building a digital brand identity with visual content, by registering for StudioNow’s webinar Marketing in the Digital Frontier: Making Your Brand Standout; featuring Chad Newell, CEO at StudioNow, and Lucia Ulc, Creative Director at Brandfolder, discussing how to build your digital presence with high-quality visual content.

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