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In our recent webinar, StudioNow’s Ryan Dewane and Rachel Dulcich shared their insight on the challenges precipitated by the accelerated digital shift and detailed how smart brands are seizing this opportunity to scale their content faster than ever to overtake the competition. As the Co-Founder and Product Manager, Ryan and Rachel are experts on how brands can leverage visual content efficiently, remotely, and at scale.

The webinar was packed with actionable ideas:


If you’re saving the video for later, here are some highlights:

The Digital Shift and what it means to brands.

The digital transformation has been gradually happening for years – decades even.

Covid-19 drastically altered the otherwise steady and predictable trends. Marketers had to adapt quickly to the accelerated digital shift in a matter of months.

“At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 10 years of eCommerce growth happened in just 90 days.”
– Shopify, The Future of Ecommerce

While some industries were affected more than others, many benefited from the accelerated shift into the digital world. The digital shift offers a new normal and creates additional obstacles to compete for attention, screen time, and engagement with consistent, fresh content.

Will consumers stick to this accelerated digital trend? Only time will tell for sure, but investing in custom visual content will benefit brands to stay ahead of competition.

The new Digital Marketing Landscape creates a competitive era.

The digital shift caused massive digital marketing growth as companies invested more of their marketing and advertising budgets online.

“The demand for content has continued to increase because people are still spending so much of their time online. Brands and businesses are still having to produce as much content as they were previously, if not more.”
– Ryan Dewane, Co-Founder of StudioNow

The immediacy of this digital growth was unexpected. Marketing teams reacted by pouring their budgets into digital to keep up. Brands risk falling behind when the right type of content and the quantity of it isn’t enough. Consumers demand authenticity and personality – adding the digital shift into this competitive landscape, brands need to be more creative and adaptive to overcome this setback.

“One of the executives at PepsiCo. [explained] what was once 4 content pieces in a year has now become 4,000, and budgets have remained stagnant since then.”
– Ryan Dewane, Co-Founder of StudioNow

Check out the on-demand recording above to learn the 4 strategies brands utilize to boost creativity.

Even established brands have to go back and rebuild their digital strategies from scratch because they’re spending more money than ever on growth strategies that aren’t working. Costs-per-Click has skyrocketed from the increased competition for consumer attention online.cost per click of 2020 graph

With increased advertising expenses, brands need to perfect their ads and content to keep customers interested, engaged, and interacting.

“Consumers don’t just want to see a product. They want to see the product they want, with the people that look like them. Even before COVID, the brands leaning into the hyper-localized content at scale and tailored specifically to their audience performed stronger.”
– Ryan Dewane, Co-Founder of StudioNow

Stock Photography vs. Custom Visual Content

The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it processes textual information.

“Images on Facebook receive 352% more engagement than links.”
MGDA Advertising

So, why aren’t visuals the king of content? Our brains decide rather quickly to ignore inauthentic content like stock photography:

  • Unrelatable
  • Irrelevant
  • Not eye-catching enough
  • Similar to something we’ve all seen before

Visuals are more engaging but they need to be done correctly — that means customized by the brand for their target audience. Consumers retain more information when the brain engages with a relevant visual. Custom visuals can actually increase the conversion rates of your content and ads. StudioNow started its platform to streamline the custom visual content process for brands like yours.Link for the Leveraging the Power of Visual Content Marketing eBook

How do all these concepts translate to real-world applications?

The rise of social media pushed brands into higher demand for visual content. StudioNow was created to empower marketers and creators to create more engaging, authentic, and focused content for brands.

“The supply of freelance talent is creating high-quality, engaging content that brands are ultimately demanding.”
– Ryan Dewane, Co-Founder of StudioNow

COVID-19 accelerated this already-rising shift for digital content. More than ever, brands needed a way to scale content production in high volumes and, now, they need a way to do it remotely as well. StudioNow provides a way for brands to create the beautiful visual content they need to power their marketing and advertising without brand managers being on-set each time. And, they can get this custom brand imagery for less than the cost of stock photography.

The StudioNow Platform

StudioNow offers a simplified alternative to the difficulties and slowness of the traditional content production process – it empowers marketing and creative teams to be agile and scale production to keep up with the rising demands for high-quality content.

With StudioNow, you can:

  • Create a brief with full stakeholder alignment. [Free Template Here]
  • Find any vetted creator anywhere in the world.
  • Produce more content—faster.
  • Review and approve assets all-in-one platform.

As a bonus…

Spend some time looking into StudioNow’s platform and see if it’s the right fit for you and your brand. With the accelerated digital shift, it’s time to make the budget-friendly and time-saving move to custom visual content.

Here’s a sneak peek into our platform:


If you want to get all the details, check out the webinar, and enjoy.

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