Why Localized Visual Content is Key to Expanding your Brand

Paleteria popsicle sign painted on local building

Visual content is one of the most important factors of any digital marketing strategy. But should you settle for any type of visual content? Your content marketing plan should not only include custom visual content but those visuals should also be localized. Here’s more information about localized visual content and why it’s essential.

Why Should Brands Use Localized Visual Content Marketing

The way you use content tells your audience a lot about your brand. Using the right localized content will ensure new markets and your existing audience will relate to your company.

For example, you can post a local video or image about an event that happened in a specific area. Global brands can also appeal to your audience in multiple areas of the world. For example, if you’re working on a global marketing strategy, you can post visual content in different languages, and that conveys different cultures.

Overall, when marketers release content that appeals to specific regions, you’re appealing to your audience’s lifestyle and culture, helping them connect to your brand.

Reasons to Localize Visual Content

Statue of Liberty at sunset

The internet is global but rather than being enticed by general visuals, your target audience reacts stronger to local visual content. Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Subjective

The Eiffel Tower. The Statue of Liberty. The Great Wall. No matter where you’re from, you recognize these landmarks.

Not only that, but these images intrigue your local market. This is thanks to social platforms such as Instagram, where anyone can become a photographer and post a picture of their local town or the location of their vacation.

Because of platforms such as Instagram, posting localized visual content is easier now than ever. Whether you post an image that everyone recognizes or something that symbolizes your hometown, you can reach a global audience.

Visuals Convey a Strong Message

An image speaks a thousand words. That old adage is true. Not only that, but visuals are a universal language. No matter where you’re from or what language you speak, you can see a visual and identify with it. This is why visuals can enhance your company message.

Localized content offers this for your brand. The right images can give your audience insight into your brand, products, and company aspirations. Using localized images also allows you to reach your target market, which is especially helpful if you’re a global company.

The Type of Localized Images to Use

colorful buildings and cobblestone path

Every city has nuanced aspects that make it unique. Using localized images in your marketing campaigns will give your brand a more authentic feel. That’s why you should highlight the different factors that make a city unique.

Should you only focus on historic landmarks? While these are a good start, a local consumer will identify more nuanced factors such as:

  • Language
  • Signage
  • Building styles
  • Types of buildings
  • Vegetation
  • Weather
  • Vehicles

Let’s take Los Angeles as an example. While anyone can recognize the big Hollywood sign, LA locals may recognize other aspects better, such as street signs.

Don’t forget about the interiors. All locations have different interior types and styles.

  • Some examples are:
  • Decorations
  • Room types
  • Activities
  • Furniture and objects

For example, Japan will have different furniture and interiors than Sweden. This little difference will determine the type of audience you attract.

Why Custom Images and Videos Are Important

Custom video content, as well as images, do more than improve your SEO and grab your audience’s attention. Your audience will identify with images that relate to their lifestyle. If your images don’t speak to your customer, they may be turned off from your brand.

Here are a few reasons why you should utilize custom images and video in your digital content.

More Affordable Than You Think

Stock images are more than just convenient they’re cheap (or even free). Even though stock images don’t contribute to the customer experience the same way that custom visual content does, many brands settle for stock images because they think they will make their ROI.

But you’ll make a better ROI if you use custom images. Not only that, but custom images are more affordable than you think.

For example, there’s software available that streamlines the creative collaboration process. You can share your ideas while an artist in the marketplace can execute your image. Since the process is all online, you’ll save a significant amount of money.

No brand can also deny the benefits of custom photography. The photos are specifically designed for you and can’t be copied or used by anyone else.

Great Option for Global Businesses

Global brands need specific types of marketing materials that stock photos and videos can’t fulfill. In reference to localized visual content, global businesses will benefit from custom images taken at a specific location or ones that appeal to their demographic.

Software can also make this process easy for global businesses. You can reach out to a photographer or content creator from anywhere in the world. They can create your media visuals and send them to you, all on a digital platform.

Eliminates False Advertising

How often has this happened you’re at a restaurant, looking at a menu, and you order an item based on the picture on the menu? But when you receive the item, it looks nothing like the photo. This is the prime example of how the wrong imagery conveys false advertising.

This is what happens when you use stock photos. While a stock photo may represent your personality and can interest your audience, it will never be as accurate as a custom photo. This false advertising includes not only product photography but also images that improve your brand awareness.

With that being said…

Accurately Represents Your Brand Identity

No stock image can represent your brand the way a custom image can. That’s because you’re conveying your brand’s message through a visual medium. This is achieved by your goals, ideas, and even any challenges you’re facing.

Talented photographers and artists will use your insight for effective visual content production that will cater to your personality. You can also use this process to create localized images that will draw in your audience, creating a lasting connection.

More Flexibility

While stock images are convenient and affordable, your stock photo options are limited. Custom photos always have room for flexibility.

First, you’re making your ideas come to life. You share your ideas with photographers and designers who will deliver your visuals. Custom images convey a stronger statement than stock images because you’re expressing your personality and enticing your local audience.

The best part? The photos are yours! You can use them how you want whether on your website, your social media channels, or all of the above. Stock images come with rights and licenses, which can set you up for legal liability.

Case Studies: Localized Content in Action

Localized content example for the Royal Bank of Canada

Don’t believe us when we say localized content will intrigue your audience and will result in a great ROI? Many brands already took the plunge, deciding to invest in custom localized and lifestyle photography rather than settle for stock photos. Here are the results they experienced.


Many people might not think Uber is a local business. But Uber passengers can relate to all of the wonderful qualities that make their hometown, well, home. They wanted to embody this by releasing images catering to their local audience, using city-specific images from 600 cities in 65 countries.

Skilled photographers snapped one city at a time, resulting in 10,000 images taken at 2,000 locations. The best part? This whole project was completed in only two weeks.


Google dominates search engines but also the internet as a whole. But people from all over the world access Google and Google products. Therefore, Google wanted to entice a local audience by creating content for hundreds of cities.

Google had two goals: capture neighborhoods in select cities and capture points of interest all over the globe. The result was not only high-quality visuals but images that expressed each city’s unique local culture.

The secret to success was seeking out local photographers who could capture the true beauty of their city.

430 neighborhoods were photographed, and 5,600 images were produced. The project only lasted six weeks. The best part? Google was able to obtain these images on a budget.

Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is one of the largest banks in Canada. They experienced a major problem with stock photos: most of them catered to a U.S.- based audience, and RBC is trying to appeal to their Canadian audience.

What did they do? They created a strategy to take pictures of multiple RBC locations across the country as well as lifestyle content from the surrounding areas. This not only conveyed RBC’s branding and personality but also captured the diversity of different areas of Canada.

25 photographers captured these images, resulting in more than 275 photos. The project was completed in only 11 days.

Utilize Localized Visual Content

An effective content strategy is essential for businesses, including the type of visuals you use. All businesses, even global businesses, can benefit from tapping into their audience’s local city. This is why localized visual content can entice your audience and generate a great ROI.
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