What is a Visual Production Platform?

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A Visual Production Platform is a central source of truth that allows brands to collaborate, gain production efficiency, and access a global creator network.

Marketing teams know the challenge with producing custom and high-quality visual content on a budget. This process of content production is often inefficient, fragmented, and siloed within organizations, which directly impacts the bottom line. When looking at alternatives, like agencies, it gets way too expensive. Overcoming these challenges requires a solution that streamlines the entire visual production process, in order to save time, money, and help teams be more productive. 

The solution for this industry-wide problem is a Visual Production Platform.

A Visual Production Platform gives Marketing team’s the ability to collaborate on briefs with all groups responsible for content goals, use of content, concept creation, and the execution of production. This technology creates project efficiency by giving access in one central place to a vetted, global creator community that can be searched, approved, communicated, and paid for delivered projects. By foregoing creator approval and/or portfolio review meetings this avoids lengthy vendor approval processes that typically go hand-in-hand with each creator on projects. By putting production into a software solution marketing teams are able to collaborate and communicate with creators, track timelines, and inform stakeholders and/or executives on the progress of current production projects. Then as each project is finalized there is easy access to each brief’s visual content that can be downloaded and shared.

What are the benefits of moving to a Visual Production Platform?

  • Gain efficiency across the project lifecycle
  • Scale depending on campaign and business needs
  • Align visual content with brand guidelines for consistency
  • Coordinate across multiple team members for increased visibility
  • Collaborate throughout the production process
  • Centralize all assets and approvals in one-place

The time is now for your company to bring teams together with a Visual Production Platform that produces high-quality visual content efficiently and cost-effectively.

Who is the preferred Visual Production Platform? 


StudioNow is the feature rich visual production platform of choice that works with world-class brands, like Tag Heuer, Uber, and Google, to deliver creative briefs in a way that helps teams instead of hinders them. 

With StudioNow

  • Centralize production to keep teams aligned, productive, and efficient all in one place.
  • Easily communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with team members, internal stakeholders, and creators across the entire production cycle.
  • Access StudioNow’s vetted creator network of  800k creators across 180 countries ensures quality creative that resonates.
  • Other features within StudioNow include:
    • Quickly invite visual creators in one action
    • Instantly approve creators for one or multiple briefs
    • Invite many users within your organization to collaborate on and gain visibility into production projects under StudioNow’s Organization Settings
    • Get your team members working together to cover the creative goals and delivery requirements of each creative brief
    • Easily manage and organize many productions under your Brief List at the same time
    • Start new briefs, source creators, and download/store content in a central place
    • Capture a variety of different concepts or locations by inviting the right creator to each brief
    • In a few simple clicks anyone within the organization can check the progress of each brief

Are you ready to enable your organization to meet each team’s unique needs while keeping production in one place with StudioNow’s Visual Production Platform?

Visual content production streamlined.

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