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Ramsey A.

Dallas, TX

Editing, Studio Videography

I got into videography in 2011 to shoot a web series and have since gone on to do commercial work, w...

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Matti G.

Matti G.

Dallas, TX

Editing, Scenic Photography

I've been in the photography business for 10+ years and working as an in-house full time product and...

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Laura D.

Laura D.

Dallas, TX

GIF, Food & Beverage Lifestyle Photography

One half of an amazing photography/videography duo called Koikoi Photography and Koi Media respectiv...

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Anna B.

Dallas, TX

Editing, Architecture Photography

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Adam D.

Dallas, TX

Editing, Production

We are a high end production company that specializes in working direct to brand using our years of ...

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How Tos

How to hire an editor

Freelance editors provide a great agile resource to any creative or marketing team looking to find additional efficiencies in their content creation process. Editors can act as another arm of your team enabling you to outsource work your team would normally have to take on in-house. Hiring an editor through StudioNow is an easy task by simply searching through the creator marketplace and finding someone with the past experience and skillsets that you're looking to hire for.

What skills should an editor have

Editor skills can vary greatly depending on the scope of work that is being asked out of them. You'll want to ensure that an editor has past experience editing the length of clips your asking them to edit as well as any specialty skills you may need such as graphic overlays or sound mixing.

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What is an editor?

Editors are a vital piece of any video production. A freelance video editor will be able to take any existing video clips or assets and turn those into a finished video ready for distribution by your team. Look for the following qualities when hiring a freelance editor.

  • How many clips are you looking to have edited. Take into account the longer the finished video the more experience the video editor will need.
  • Will you need graphics or any advanced editing done on your videos. Ensure that the editor you hire has the necessary skillsets.

A talented editor is able to create a great finished product out of your video clips.

How much does it cost to hire an editor?

The largest factors in hiring a editor depend on the final length of the video you're looking to have edited as well as the number of effects you're looking to add in the video.

Why hire a freelance editor?

A freelance editor enables you and your team to have an agile team member that can produce more finished content assets than previously possible. It is also a specific skillset that not all creative freelancers naturally have so having a reliable editor is a valuable resource.

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