Twitter Testing 4k Images and Youtube Support

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Twitter has confirmed in a series of tweets that it is in the process of testing some long-awaited improvements to how it displays images and videos. This is everything you need to know so you’ll be informed and ready when the changes go live for all audiences.

Full-Size Images in the Twitter Timeline

For single image tweets only, images will no longer be cropped when displayed in the timeline. What you see in the composer preview is what the tweet will look like in the timeline after it is published.

4k Image Support

Twitter has a test pool of users who can upload and view high-resolution, 4k images on Android and iOS. Support for high-quality photos is huge for artists, photographers, marketers, reporters, and anyone else who relies on visual media.

To see if you’re in the test group, head to the Data Usage section of your Twitter app:

Youtube Videos Embedded in the Twitter Timeline

Currently, when a user tweets a Youtube video, they have to leave the Twitter conversation to watch the video. Twitter is testing making those videos playable from the Home timeline without leaving the conversation.

This is significant because it allows Twitter users to bypass Twitter’s aggressive video compression by uploading to Youtube at a higher resolution than posting the Youtube link to their Twitter timeline.

Currently, Twitter is testing embedded Youtube links on iOS only.

Other Features Coming

In addition to these image and video enhancements, the social network has Twitter Spaces, and the Super Follow feature coming soon.

Currently, there is no way to opt-in to be a tester for these features; they are rolling out for groups of new users in waves in the coming weeks.

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