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The StudioNow Platform

The StudioNow Platform centralizes vendor management, production sourcing, creative bidding, project management and payment, enabling our clients to manage all their content production in one place. 


By bringing full transparency and organization to the production process, StudioNow allows your team to focus on what matters, creating great content that connects with your customers.


As a means for building and providing trust and transparency between agencies and brands, submitted production bids can be sealed until a predetermined milestone has been reached.

Intelligent Bidding allows you to receive bids from multiple vendors, see those bids side by side, and select the right vendor for your project. Our secure RFP module is flexible and secure, and it allows for true standardization in the bidding process.

Once you have received all of your bids from vendors, easily download all the data from each bid into an easy to read document. See every line item, how it compares to each bid, and have all the knowledge you need to select the vendor you would like to work with.

With a single dashboard for data collection, agencies and brands have full visibility into team member’s activities. Understand when key milestones are being reached within a given production, and who is responsible for reaching those milestones.

Easily communicate with everyone involved on your project. From the client to the agency, the producer to the vendor – all communication is logged and tracked in the platform. Centralize all project communication and attachments in a single communication thread.

An easy to view dashboard lets you see all your projects and high level information in one place. Manage multiple content production projects, view every project your team is working on, and even group projects together for easy tracking.

Providing transparency and

trust for brands and agencies

in one platform.

T R U S T E D  B Y



Vendor Management

✓  Creative Sourcing & Matching
✓  Transparent Bidding Process
✓  Preferred Vendor Profiles
✓  Vendor Contracting & Payments

Project Management

✓  Proposal Comparison Tools
✓  Project Record & Tracking
✓  Custom RFP Module
✓  Media Review, Storage & Approval

Transparent Collaboration

✓  Permission Based Access
✓  Proposal Sharing & Review
✓  Activity Logs & Event Tracking
✓  Standardization of Production Data

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