StudioNow Challenge: Black Portraiture

portrait girl in red hoodie in front of a red wall

StudioNow Challenges have been used to promote and inspire photographers through many themes in the past and this challenge is to celebrate and share not only Black members of our creator community, but the stories and lives of the models and subjects within their imagery. 

Here are a few of our favorite submissions from the recently closed, 

StudioNow Challenge, Black Portraits: 

portrait protester holding a sign

Jamely Wal


portrait woman holding baby up

Jojo Melendres


portrait older couple hugging

Reynaldo Mozo


portrait graduation girl

Anthony Bolden


portrait girl washing face

Gregory Mbo Mba


portrait guy sitting in front of buildings

Nathon Ruehl


portrait girl in front of a blue wall

Feer Mejias


portrait guy smiling with glasses

Talent ZuKutu


portrait woman with lights behind her

Kristin Sayad


portrait guy covered in colored dust

Dennis Otieno


portrait girl with her eyes closed

Shae Cacciola


girl in a yellow dress

Quiony Navarro


portrait guy with yellow cloth over his face

Remi Yuan


portrait guy laughing

Monica Vera


portrait man with a spear

Busingye Kagonyera

portrait blowing bubbles

Celyn Rodriguez


portrait guy standing with girl behind him

Pat Rodgers

portrait woman kissing a baby

Chynna Nicoletti


portrait girl looking left

Denis Lomme


portrait man in suit

Andrii Omelnytskyi


portrait couple hugging

Maile Pollock


portrait girl laughing

Beata Revayova


portrait girl smiling with a baby

Sue Barr

portrait shadow over face

Attila Adam


portrait black and white guy arms up

Austin John

portrait kids posing back to back

Paloma Herbstein


portrait ballarenia

Kelly Yu


portrait kids with arms around each other

Ben Haley


portrait profile view

Jeff Honforloco


portrait girl in red hoodie in front of a red wall

Tiayrra Bradley

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