How to Repurpose Brand Content For Different Social Media Platforms

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Want more mileage out of your content?

No, you shouldn’t just repost your TikTok onto reels —the algorithm may even punish you for it.

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Each social media platform has evolved to have a unique content style and, thus, audience; something that went viral on LinkedIn may perform less well on TikTok. Effectively repurposing content across platforms now involves more than just changing the duration or size of a video. We must also optimize our content to suit each platform’s unique content style that its audience expects to see—shifting to a mindset of remaking content, not just repurposing.

So what are audiences looking for across social platforms, and how can we repurpose our content to optimize for each?

Use Instagram to inspire your audience.

When repurposing content on Instagram, seek to create content that inspires your audience. Since the app’s creation, Instagram has filled our feeds with high-quality, aspirational imagery, which has continued through the introduction of reels (short-form videos).

Instagram Style Tips

  • Get your message across quickly.
    Reels have the shortest duration (max 1 min), so it’s vital to grab the viewer’s attention in the first 3 seconds and get your message across quickly.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off.
    Instagram is the home of aspirational content, traditionally around traveling, food and products, best communicated through high-quality images and video.
  • Rely on visuals to communicate your message.
    Refrain from text and voice (talking) heavy content—vlog-style content is better suited to platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.
  • Optimize music to support the content theme.
    Without voice (talking) you can optimize music and sounds to support your content, perhaps even hop on a trend!
Take the ASOS example from Instagram below. Not only is the format super engaging with a short duration, catchy music, and text visuals, it’s also inspirational, showcasing that the brand caters to all body types in a fun, trendy, and positive way.

Use TikTok to entertain your audience.

Although TikTok started with teenagers doing dance routines to k-pop, it has since evolved into the leading platform for human expression and authenticity through short-form video, becoming the go-to platform for entertainment.

TikTok Style Tips:

  • Be authentic
    Share content that feels authentic, personable and not overly produced. These types of content include vlogging, day in the life, storytelling, speaking directly to the camera, and user-generated content (UGC).
  • Express yourself and your company!
    A great way to entertain your audience on TikTok is through humorous content. Use this opportunity to show the fun side of your company; you could do this by using trending sounds, delighting staff, and customers with a surprise, or doing something totally out of the ordinary!
  • Find your niche.
    Due to the inclusive nature of TikTok, the platform prides itself on having a niche for just about anything, allowing you to reach a hyper-specific subsect of your target audience.
  • Enjoy the luxury of time.
    You can now make TikToks up to ten minutes long! This amount of time supports the suggested content types of vlogging and storytelling – make sure to include captions for this type of content to make it as accessible as possible.
If you’re a TikTok user, the below brand example will be no surprise to you! Duolingo owns the corporate TikTok game, and for a good reason. Their videos are incredibly authentic, filmed often in the office with their well-known owl mascot. Known for their tongue-in-cheek humor, they are unafraid to express themselves and lean into TikTok trends.

Use Youtube to educate your audience.

Youtube is a great platform to educate your audience. Its long video durations and desktop-friendly format make it ideal for creating educational and in-depth content, practical for both external and internal use.

Youtube Style Tips

  • Address viewers directly.
    A great way to engage with your viewers is to address them directly. By asking them to share their thoughts and opinions, you can utilize the popular comment section and engage with your audience, turning them into loyal subscribers.
  • Use your youtube content as a base for your repurposing.
    Due to the broader format options of YouTube content, it makes an excellent base for you to repurpose content. For example, you could make smaller videos, such as youtube shorts, or repurpose your content into a blog post or podcast.
  • It’s all about the title.
    YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after google. To ensure that the YouTube algorithm understands what your video is about and, thus, who to suggest it to, it’s essential that you research and use relevant keywords in your video title.
The below example is from Innocent Smoothies. They use their YouTube channel to educate their audience about what goes into their products. The format of this video is of high production quality in a desktop-friendly style with a descriptive title, “meet one of our mango farmers”.

Use Linkedin to connect your audience.

Linkedin content is primarily used for professional networking and career development. Due to its wide variety of content types, it makes the perfect platform for repurposing content. When repurposing content on Linkedin, seek to create content that connects your audience. 

LinkedIn Style Tips

  • Be professional…ish.
    Linkedin is still a great place to share your and your company’s personality and values through humor and entertainment; however, with the average audience age between 30-39, you can save the office k-pop dance routine for your TikTok.
  • Be shareable.
    An essential part of Linkedin’s platform appeal is connecting professionals and sharing thoughts with like-minded people. Ensure your content provides value and is highly shareable, serving as a way to communicate with your audience.
  • Use subtitles.
    Usually, Linkedin users are scrolling through the platform at work or in a professional setting. Using subtitles allows your audience to consume your content without needing headphones or drawing attention to themselves at work.
  • Repurpose your content outside of the video.
    LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for blog posts, written content, articles, and guides, all of which you can repurpose content such as short-form videos to create.
The Netflix example from Linkedin below is an excellent example of being “professional…ish”. By taking the platform-suited topic of creating an out-of-office and putting a Netflix spin on it, they have created content which is platform-appropriate, audience relevant and super shareable.  

Focus on remaking instead of repurposing.

Repurposing content is a great way to re-engage and get to know your audience. By adopting a mindset of ‘remaking’ rather than repurposing, you can ensure that your message is being delivered in the style that works for your audience, per platform. Happy creating!

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