Creating custom food product content at scale

Zagat is the restaurant discovery platform to turn to for trustworthy, efficient, and fun-to-read guides and reviews in major cities around the US with one purpose: to help you find the perfect restaurant(s). Zagat produced with StudioNow to scale their visual content production for over 2,000 restaurants. Zagat was able to produce high-quality custom images from each location within 6 weeks.


The iconic restaurant ratings company, Zagat, has provided accurate reviews for over 40 years, but keeping up with the demand for visual content online and in-app is a growing challenge. When the company decided it needed to quickly capture high-quality, on-brand images for 2,000 restaurants across the nation for its online properties—all at once, no less—they turned to StudioNow.


Zagat’s creative team quickly built a style guide and shot list inside of StudioNow using the Creative Brief tool. Using StudioNow, the entire production, from sourcing local food photographers in cities across the U.S. to approving and delivering finished, mouthwatering photos, was achievable in under six weeks.


Weeks Completion Time
2000 +
Content Pieces Produced
4000 +
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