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Sustainability, safety, and human connection are Uber's core values in igniting the opportunity to set the world in motion. As a global company, Uber set their sights on StudioNow to help them gather global content pieces within our all-in-one platform.


Uber may be the biggest ride-hailing app in the world but it’s really a local business. Local audiences want local trips and that calls for city-specific visuals, which can be a challenge to gather when you’re in 600 cities in 65 countries. When Uber’s content and SEO teams looked for a scalable way to produce high-quality photos on a budget without resorting to traditional photo sites, they landed on StudioNow.


Uber got started on StudioNow and captured one city at a time, starting with San Francisco. Using our platform to identify talented local photographers, schedule shoots, and manage productions, Uber’s team was able to focus on the main goal: maximizing the SEO value. StudioNow’s platform appended important metadata like location, copyright information, and a custom description into all 10,000 images. Uber’s team launched the photos and their organic traffic from San Francisco-related searches skyrocketed.


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