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Totes Isotoner

Scaling custom outdoor, lifestyle product photography/videography globally

Totes Isotoner originated from a small Ohio town in 1924. Their Midwest roots and love for rain became Totes’ two core principles. No matter the weather, Totes Isotoner consistently finds new ways to create comfortable products for the outdoors – boots, jackets, hats, slippers, socks, etc.


The leading designer, marketer, and distributor of functional cold-weather accessories needed custom visual content. As COVID-19 shifted eCommerce into an accelerated digital world, Totes Isotoners main challenge was to find a solution to quickly create a content library to support updated websites and social channels for 3 of their different brands. So, they signed up for StudioNow to achieve their goals.

Specific to the project below, Totes Isotoner needed high-quality images of their best-selling Acorn Basics products – quickly, remotely, and efficiently with the camping culture environment for outdoor enthusiasts and comfort seekers.


The StudioNow platform fits as the technological solution to support Totes Isotoner in finding quality creators and briefing them more efficiently, allowing a small team to maintain their brand’s creative control while ramping up content for digital channels.

As an example, The Totes Isotoner marketing team created a brief within the StudioNow platform for 11 of their Acorn Basics products. Totes Isotoner was able to assign creators from StudioNow’s marketplace to assist in producing product and lifestyle content to match their style guide and target demographics. The rustic but modern shoot was assigned to StudioNow Creator Rob Wilson.

Totes had three settings in mind for the shoot – a warm cozy cabin, an outdoor deck of the cabin, and an outdoor camping space – to appeal to Acorn’s key audience of comfort seekers while showcasing the versatility of the products to traverse the great outdoors as well as the usual indoors. Through StudioNow’s platform and creator Rob Wilson, Totes was able to create 61 unique content pieces for their marketing channel. 

Check out the produced content below.


Content Pieces
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