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Teas' Tea

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Ito En, Ltd. is a Japanese multinational drinks company specializing in tea production, distribution, and sales. As one of Ito En's labels, Teas' Tea is thoughtfully sourced and mindfully made – they aim to bottle the world’s best ingredients to create the purest tea possible.


Ito En is the largest green tea beverage manufacturer in the country, with leading tea labels Teas’ Tea and Matcha LOVE. Despite its popularity, the brand was having difficulty increasing engagement on social. One major problem was they had a limited number of high-quality branded photos to work with. The team needed a way to increase their content variety without sacrificing their brand aesthetic.


StudioNow’s platform helped Ito En identify photographers from the marketplace to produce custom content. From there, Ito En briefed the photographers on their brand aesthetic and assigned them a few concepts to execute on, including lifestyle photos, food photography, and original recipes. The result was plenty of on-brand photos to ensure a steady flow of quality social content. Ito En saw a 1000% increase in social engagement using the new content produced with StudioNow’s creators. 


Weeks Completion Time
Increase in Social Engagement
1000 %
Content Pieces Produced
200 +
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