Royal Bank of Canada


Royal Bank of Canada

Delivering custom lifestyle and location content within days

Royal Bank of Canada values community, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. As a leading Canadian bank, RBC needed custom visual content pieces for their social media marketing and internal use. StudioNow's platform and creators delivered high-quality, on brand images in under two weeks.


The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is one of the largest banks in Canada, serving over 10 million customers via 1,209 branches, but the marketing team had a problem. They needed to build a library of images for social channels and internal use, but most of the assets available online were of locations in the U.S. So, their team turned to StudioNow.


RBC built a brief in StudioNow to allow multiple photographers to capture on-brand content from several branches. Additionally, lifestyle content from the surrounding area was captured from each branch to ensure a local feel. It was important to the Royal Bank of Canada that each creator applied their personality to capture each location from a diversity of perspectives. The photos were available to the RBC team to browse and download in less than two weeks.


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