Creating custom beauty product content at scale

NIVEA's marketing team needed large amounts of custom visuals for their growing social demand. Reliability and quality – NIVEA's most important values stand true with StudioNow. As a leading company in the field of skin care, NIVEA's products reflect the needs of their consumers.


Being one of the world’s most trusted beauty brands, NIVEA has been looking after people from all walks of life for over 100 years. The need for high-quality visuals to satisfy their growing presence on social media stretches budgets to the max and with multiple products all demanding the same attention, they need to maximize content creation. It was too expensive to fly photographers to different locations or set up studio shoots with multiple models to capture enough images for daily Instagram posts. So, they turned to StudioNow.


First, Beiersdorf’s digital team created a company account within StudioNow and invited key stakeholders to align budgets and ensure every piece of content they needed across the various products could be achieved. Once the number of different shoots had been decided the briefs for each shoot were created on the StudioNow platform using the intuitive brief builder tool.

Using the creative briefs, StudioNow was able to quickly identify from within the community of creators the various photographers that were hired to fulfill each shoot type. A variety of product photographers and lifestyle specialists were assigned and each shoot went into production aligned with the Instagram campaign schedules.

The finished result was that Beiersdorf scaled its content production to an otherwise impossible level without assuming the burden of having to manage the process or seek additional budget for the volume of images they were able to produce.


Content Pieces Produced
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