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Matcha LOVE is a modern take on an ancient ritual. The umami taste and flavor nuances in your baking, cooking, smoothies, shakes, or lattes is a game changer. Whether sweet or savory dishes, Matcha LOVE is a must-have for any modern pantry; made from whole green tea leaves with richness in antioxidants, vitamin C, and L-theanine.


Matcha LOVE offers an extensive selection of award-winning matcha teas and accessories. They wanted to show customers that—beyond just drinking tea—there were plenty of creative ways to incorporate matcha into their diets. They came up with the idea of creating custom recipes, but needed help producing the content.


StudioNow’s platform found the perfect candidate for the job: a food blogger. The blogger combined creative ingredients with Matcha LOVE’s products to create one-of-a-kind recipes. Once the recipes were taste-test approved, the blogger photographed them in scrumptious detail. Matcha LOVE ended up with content that not only looked great, but tasted great too.


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