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Intuit's mission is to power prosperity around the world by attracting the world’s top talent, bringing vital partners into their global platform, and leaving the world a better place through exceptional corporate citizenship. With over 10,000+ employees worldwide and 20 different global locations, Intuit delivers high-value insights for an awesome product experience.


Intuit makes people’s lives easier with software services like Mint, TurboTax, and Quickbooks. But conveying the humanity of their offerings? That’s hard to do with screenshots and charts alone. The marketing team decided they needed an infusion of imagery that included diverse models in authentic settings around 13 lifestyle concepts, and turned to StudioNow to find the right people to do it.


The Intuit team wanted quality over quantity. To get started, Intuit’s team browsed StudioNow’s creator marketplace and carefully selected six photographers around the globe who they thought would be uniquely suited to the project based on their skills. 

Intuit and the photographers worked to find the right models and managed the photoshoots for concepts like New Year’s, eating healthy, celebrations, and holidays. After eight weeks, the Intuit team received access to a fully custom library of tailored photos that they could draw from for their campaigns.


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