Ethan Allen

Delivering custom real estate content for marketing initiatives

Ethan Allen is a leading, global furniture chain founded in 1932. From a traditional, colonial-style to a modern look, Ethan Allen’s bold moves continue to expand their products internationally. With 89 years of dedication and an eye on detail, Ethan Allen’s furniture embodies high-quality products and craftsmanship.


The leading furniture chain needed custom visual content of client-designed rooms in a home setting. Ethan Allen’s main challenge was finding a solution showcasing the quality of their furniture pieces and home goods from their clients located throughout the country within a short time frame. By leveraging StudioNow’s production tools, Ethan Allen was able to create custom content for their social media, portfolios, and other digital material purposes.

Specific to the project below, Ethan Allen needed high-quality images of their client rooms in Raleigh, North Carolina–quickly and efficiently to entice homeowners interested in buying furniture pieces.


With StudioNow, Ethan Allen assigned creative freelancers on-demand to photograph these setups as they came up. StudioNow’s global creator network offers accessible coverage everywhere. Ethan Allen efficiently found freelance creatives who specialize in architecture/real estate in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ethan Allen was able to produce real estate content to match their style guide and key demographics at scale when they were not able to before. The elegant and sleek shoot shown below was assigned to StudioNow Creator Brett Villena.

With StudioNow’s creators and production tools, Ethan Allen produced over 1,000 content pieces with 161 settings.

Check out the produced content below.


Content Pieces Produced
1000 +
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