Producing custom content for food-delivery apps

DoorDash is an all-in-one app providing local and on-demand deliveries or pick up from restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. DoorDash generates new ways for people to earn, work, and live by connecting people with the best in their local cities.


For food delivery apps, photos equal sales. But few of DoorDash’s 300,000 restaurant partners had reliable access to high-quality visuals. DoorDash’s Merchant Strategy and Operations team got started with StudioNow to send a content creator to each restaurant, new and old, as part of an automated workflow.


StudioNow set up a custom, two-pronged approach. First, project managers scheduled quarterly shoots where its’ network of creators visited thousands of DoorDash merchants based on the need— starting with those who didn’t yet have any photos.

Next, DoorDash used StudioNow’s API to integrate photo shoots into their merchant onboarding workflow. Now, each time a new merchant signs up, they’re prompted to schedule a shoot. StudioNow’s project managers dispatch creators based on skill set, location, date, and time to capture the merchant’s top menu items.


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