Baker Hughes: a GE Company


Baker Hughes: a GE Company

Delivering custom photo and video content for territory specific marketing initiatives

As a GE company, Baker Hughes has invented world-transforming technology to improve billions of lives. For more than 125 years, they continue to build a world that works – StudioNow assisted with this mission.


Baker Hughes, a GE company, is one of the largest oil field service companies in the world. Stock Libraries had always been their go to for sourcing visual content but with expansion into new territories, they needed custom content showing their own field engineers at work. They needed professionally created content of both images and a video to be used across all their marketing initiatives. Having no knowledge of local producers in Asia, they needed help to ensure they acquired exactly the right content.


Gaining an understanding of the precise type of video and images Baker Hughes was looking for, StudioNow used the intuitive Brief Builder tool on the platform to ensure every detail was collected. This created a precise log of plant locations, the type of equipment that needed to be captured and the style of how each piece of content should be executed.

Appointing the right creators with the relevant experience of producing content in an industrial setting was key to the success of each shoot and so the brief was matched to suitable creators within StudioNow’s vast community that were located in the areas the shoots needed to take place.

The finished result was that Baker Hughes was able to acquire perfect results without the need to spend time sourcing creators, reviewing portfolios, or negotiating usage rights and fees.


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