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Productivity and collaboration

Centralized Production and Bid Management through the StudioNow Platform provide transparency for you and your clients, improved efficiency and an enhanced collaborative process.


• Easily submit, revise, and track bids on multiple projects

• Centralized project communication with stakeholders

• Onboard and collaborate your own vendors, subcontractors and freelancers

• Access complementary production resources through the StudioNow Vendor Network

• View, review, and comment on media

A level playing field

Our platform provides a true level playing field for all vendors to compete equitably for jobs from agencies and advertisers by enforcing a fair and transparent bidding process.   


• All participating vendors receive the same information regarding the project (scope, creative, etc…)

• Bids are hidden until all participants have submitted their bids

• All vendor bid data is stored securely and protected in the platform

• Full audit log of all the activity related to each vendor bid

Opportunity for work

Top brands and agencies use the StudioNow Platform to bid projects to vendors and manage their production slates.  


• Highlight company expertise and capabilities

• Open your business up to receive opportunities to bid on jobs for brands and agencies.

• StudioNow’s dedicated sales and business development team is constantly working to bring new brand and agency clients on to the StudioNow Platform.

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