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Marketers Aren’t Preparing for the Repeal of Net Neutrality; Should They Be?

If all efforts to stop the repeal of net neutrality are unsuccessful—and there are a lot of legal activities taking place—it will go into effect in a couple of weeks, on April 23rd, and the way we’ve grown accustomed to consuming the Internet may be fundamentally altered. With the repeal of net neutrality, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will have the power to influence loading speeds for specific websites or apps, and if it ends up being anything like that Burger King commercial portrayed it to be, many consumers will not be pleased with having to pay more to see their desired content.


Top 4 tips to improve video marketing

From streaming services to user generated content, video continues to be an important piece of strategy for brands. The problem is that many brands don’t know how or don’t have the tools to use video to its best effect. Here are four tips to improve brands’ video strategy.


Ad Age’s 2018 Industry Predictions

There are a growing number of options for hooking up big brands with middling or micro influencers, and more transparent marketplaces like StudioNow where brands can find creative and production help for projects.


Invisible Hand Behind WPP Wednesday: Transparency

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“StudioNow, which focuses just on video production using a network of more than 10,000 production companies, also has seen a direct impact from the DOJ investigation, says CEO David Mason. Besides more marketers using its network, others simply use its online platform to handle bidding among their existing production houses, cutting agencies out of that loop.”



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