2021 StudioNow Awards: Best Photo and Video Briefs


Best Photo and Video Briefs of 2021

This year marks our first ever annual StudioNow Awards! Of the many brands that turned to StudioNow this year for photo or video production, we think these  briefs deserve some extra recognition.


1. Vivino

Vivino, the largest online wine marketplace, launched a new personalization feature this year, which gives a score from 0-100 based on how a wine will match the user’s taste. They launched a brief to get a video that would showcase the app’s new matchmaking abilities, and they searched for production companies on StudioNow and assigned Dream It Reel to the brief to create a fully edited video with some animation baked in.


2. Lyft

As the pandemic slowed and ridesharing popularity began increasing again this year, Lyft held a strong commitment to its brand identity known for representing joy, community, and optimism. Local scenery and experiences were essential in elevating that story, so they quickly hired StudioNow photographers across eight cities. While the individual shoots contained different surroundings and people, vibrant colors and a theme of spontaneous moments kept the brand consistent across locales. Rachel P. in Vancouver and Ashton H. in Minneapolis captured the below images.

Couple riding in car photo Friends commuting on bikes photo


3. Brooklyn Brewery

In celebration of its partnership with The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, which supports organizations committed to fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, Laura Barisonzi captured lifestyle content highlighting the IPA at and near The Stonewall Inn in NYC. The delivered assets captured the authentic, vibrant look and feel that Brooklyn Brewery was aiming for.

Person opening beer photo Friends walking in New York photo


4. Doordash

Doordash has added many grocery and convenience stores as partners, but they were struggling to make their customers aware of these options beyond meal delivery. While many online delivery companies and retailers have classic white- or colored-background studio shots of products, Doordash decided to put their own twist on the studio shots to capture people’s attention. They incorporated intentional dark shadows paired with bright backgrounds, making the products really pop. They hired 15+ creators on StudioNow to get a high volume of content quickly. The below images were captured by Deidre S. and Heidi P..

Valentine's day photo of snacks Studio photo of drinks Studio photo of snacks


5. Mozilla

With a new Firefox browser launch, Mozilla wanted to focus on a new audience for the brand. To match the audience, they needed to produce photos that were adventurous, approachable, and edgy. They chose real users of their product and then worked with Jacki P. and Shameika E. on StudioNow to capture images of the moments where the users really into their crafts.

Man cooking photo Woman recording music photo


6. Splash Beverage Group

While Splash uses StudioNow to produce for multiple brands, one brief in particular stood out to us this year. They assigned Hannah H. to the brief to create beautiful social assets including feed posts, stories, and reels for their SALT tequila. With recipe videos, lifestyle photos, and more, the end result represented their distinct brand look and feel while providing enough variety to last them through the holiday season.

Cocktail studio photo Man grabbing drink for picnic photo Cocktail studio photo


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