StudioNow Acquires Bad Moon Talent


StudioNow’s acquisition of Bad Moon Talent serves as a stepping stone to enter the rapidly growing influencer market. This move will merge StudioNow’s extensive production network of creators with on-camera talent and influencers. Consequently, big brands, media organizations, agencies, and businesses of all sizes will have a single point of access to production resources, social and streaming capabilities, and on-camera talent with highly engaged audiences.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., 23 March 2023— StudioNow, the largest visual production marketplace offering brands access to a global network of top-tier production companies, videographers, editors, and photographers announced today its acquisition of Bad Moon Talent, a leading talent management agency for gaming influencers, broadcasters, and creators.

The combination of StudioNow’s comprehensive video solutions with Bad Moon’s focus on talent and media sponsorship provides a streamlined experience for brands seeking high production value for their influencer campaigns.

StudioNow and Bad Moon Talent share a commitment to fostering creative collaboration and delivering exceptional results. The acquisition unites talent with technology and higher production value to offer:

  • A single point of access for brands to search, contract, and collaborate with Bad Moon’s roster of talent and audience alongside StudioNow’s network of production professionals
  • Extensive production infrastructure for influencers and talent to enhance and grow their programming, audience development, sponsorship campaigns, and other creative initiatives
  • Access for existing clients to social and streaming capabilities for influencer and brand marketing campaigns

As gaming influencers broadcast gameplay videos, tutorials, reviews, and other gaming-related content on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, or other social media channels, augmenting the production value of this content will deliver added value to both supply and demand sides.

“We firmly believe that brands will continue to use influencers to help tell their stories, which is why we’re pleased that our clients can now enlist influencers who have highly engaged audiences to endorse their brand across various channels,” said David Mason, Founder, and CEO of StudioNow.

Co-Founder and CEO of Bad Moon Talent, Andrew Drake said, “By presenting more engaging ways to collaborate with creators and brands, we are confident in our ability to generate increased income for digital talent while offering more cost-effective storytelling methods for brands.”

This acquisition marks StudioNow’s second deal in 10 months, supporting its roll-up strategy for consolidating the highly fragmented creative industry.

“Brands continue to ask for more access to top-tier talent, expansive and geographically diverse production and media capabilities, and premium content from fewer agencies, platforms, and individual solutions. StudioNow’s vision is to be the one-stop-shop for creators and freelance talent to work with brands and media companies to deliver high-quality content and audience engagement at scale,” said Mason.

About StudioNow, Inc.

StudioNow is the leading creative production solution and marketplace that streamlines the content creation process for businesses and brands of all sizes. Offering full-service strategic services via a team of elite producers and access to 20,000 world-class creators through a cutting-edge technology platform, StudioNow delivers high-quality visual content at scale. Clients include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Amazon, LinkedIn, Airbnb, P&G, and more. 

About Bad Moon Talent, LLC.

Bad Moon Talent is a Los Angeles, California-based gaming agency that specializes in talent management and brand marketing. The agency represents and manages the business interests and opportunities of numerous gaming personalities, creates experiences in the metaverse and implements gaming-specific media campaigns and strategy. 

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