Meet Our Team 

We’re headquartered in the land of hot chicken and craft beer, Nashville, Tennessee.

StudioNow was founded in early 2007 with the mission of connecting the rapidly expanding but highly fragmented population of content creators with brands that needed video production services. Almost 10 years later, we’ve delivered over 60,000 high-quality videos, worked with over 5,000 creative professionals and optimized video production for over 100 global brands.



David Mason
Chairman, Founder & CEO


David Corts
President & COO


John Philpott

Our Team

Alex Gangi

Alex Swensen

Alexanderia Parish

Anna Riggins

Becca Taylor

Ben Gortmaker

Ben Tyson

Brittany Lutz

Brooks Hofstetter

Chris Jenkins

Danielle Adkins

Emily Richards

Eric Kridle

Eric Madera

Erik Spangenberg

Isabel Jordan

Jess Nelson

Jodi Cunningham

John Wallace

JP Hechter

Kathy Acosta

Katie Adams

Katie Lutz

Kelly Metz

Kevin Desmarais

Kirstin Dorsch

Kristine Krieger

Lauren Dragona-Breen

Leslie Legare

Liz Adcock

Liz Maynard

Matthew Christian

Michael Popwell

Michelle Kraker

Nick Birren

Rachel Gregg

Reed Tomlinson

Robert Pellet

Ryan Parrish

Stef Piermattei

Tammy Fuqua

Tyler Brantley

Zach Swift

Internship Program

Leah Portis

Olivia Nuss

Support Team

Cash Spangenberg

Chance Jenkins

Dolce & Dolly Kraker

Max Lutz

Ollie Corts

Paca Metz

Pepper Nelson

Wendell Brantley

Zoey Richards