StudioNow Launches Market Network

Endless Solutions. Boundless Creativity.

“I am pleased to announce that our new StudioNow Market Network ‘beta’ program has left the launchpad. This evolutionary innovation to the existing StudioNow Production Marketplace will allow all 12,000 members of the StudioNow Creative Network to utilize the StudioNow technology platform, consult with our team of in-house producers, and directly access, contract and receive bids from thousands of other network members across the globe.”

– David Mason, Founder and CEO of StudioNow Inc.

By changing the familiar client vendor paradigm, we have created an extremely beneficial and liquid network for StudioNow’s brand clients and the 12,000 StudioNow vendors. Once part of the SN Market Network, vendors can now ALWAYS say “yes” to any work regardless of scope, location or budget as they now have significantly increased their capabilities, have access to more projects, and are directly connected to the huge back office and the unlimited, global resources of StudioNow.

At the same time, StudioNow has leveraged an elite group of high end production company ambassadors & partners from all over the world to drive new opportunities and more work for our existing network members.

This new program is truly a win, win, win scenario by delivering endless solutions and boundless creativity on a universal scale.

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“Our partnership with StudioNow has lead to long lasting
client relationships and a portfolio of outstanding work.”

– Andrew Stegmeyer, Thunderlab

“Westfolk’s partnership with StudioNow will allow us to accommodate a higher volume of production while maintaining creative oversight of all ongoing projects.”

“As a worldwide group of talented artists, we are able to collectively provide an unprecedented offer for brands who are seeking first-in-class creative.”

“We are excited to combine our talents with other creatives around the world and deliver an unparalleled experience for brands.”

– Nathan Delack, President

“As a women-owned small business, being backed by StudioNow clears the way for us to put all of our energies into storytelling and creative development. SN has an incredible network of like-minded creatives and they make logistics and crewing up easy nationwide.”

– Kerith Lemon, Commercial Director, Kerith Lemon Productions

“Having worked on hundreds of projects with them over the course of nearly 10 years, StudioNow has long been a reliable place for our production company to find creatively fulfilling work. We look forward to the possibility of expanding our partnership with them through this exciting new program.”

– Andrew Waffenschmidt and John Gebhart, Astoria Film, LLC


“StudioNow has been a massive benefit to my business since starting 7 years ago.”

“The StudioNow platform and philosophy in video production has shaped how I think about scaling my own business. This partnership makes perfect sense to further level-up the value we provide to each other.”

“Good business is built on solid relationships and trust. I think the SN Market Network Preferred Partnership is a reflection of the trust that has been established through years of reliable work between StudioNow and vendors like myself.”
– Matt Knutson, Creative Lead | KNUTSON