Happy Holiday Shopping

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Online shopping consumers are no strangers to the holidays. With the changes of this year, the rise of online shopping creates a season peak demand. Social media platforms are joining in on the efficiency of connecting directly with shoppers. YouTube is enabling retail tags, Google is informing brands of the new consumer behavior shifts, and Instagram is making IGTV shoppable.

YouTube adds new features to become a major shopping destination

As the first influencer conglomerate, it was only natural for YouTube to start investing in the e-commerce business. The online video-sharing platform took this massive opportunity to encourage their content creators to utilize the tagging and tracking products features in their clips. Many YouTubers with a strong fan base are provided with discount codes to share. YouTube’s new feature offers a direct connection to company websites, eliminating third-party competitors such as Amazon. Consumers can browse, click, and buy products all in one place.

What does this mean for your brand?

YouTube is one of the original staples for promoting an authentic reaction and buying products influencers trust. The e-commerce retail market is suggested to grow to $2.8 trillion by 2025. YouTube’s new update can create a fast and rewarding online shopping experience. Your brand can work directly with creators, who control your product’s display and feature your merchandise on their pages. 55% of consumers already depend on YouTube to make purchase decisions, be ahead of the game! StudioNow can assist your brand by creating custom photos and videos for your products. Request a demo today.

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Google shares holiday shopping guidelines to prep brands

People are turning online now more than ever. Holiday shoppers can smell the competition of others in fear of out-of-stock items. With 1 in 4 US holiday shoppers saying they had already started shopping for the season as early as July, brands need to quickly adapt if they want to stay ahead of the curve with quality, quantity, and pricing. The giant search engine identifies five shifts in shopping behavior retailers will need to anticipate. So be ready for:

  1. A month-long Cyber Monday: Try to think beyond peak days by preparing for an extended period of holiday shopping and make your on-sale products known!
  2. Digital newcomers driving growth: More than 50% of US shoppers are trying new shopping services. Create a frictionless digital storefront by improving a seamless online shopping experience with faster speeds on your site.
  3. A skew toward online SKUs: Consumers walk into stores with their minds set on what they need to buy from online shopping. Be ready to monitor consumer trends and bring the best of your store online.
  4. The purpose-driven shopper: Consumers want to support businesses with their shared values and ethical practices. Inform customers of your business attributes and stand out, especially to your local community.
  5. Something new and something known: Over 70% of shoppers are open to buying from unknown brands, thanks to YouTube’s help! Ads and videos can create discoverability for your brand and products.

What does this mean for your brand?

The window of opportunity for increasing revenue and reach is very possible. Make sure your site is on-brand and easy to access. StudioNow can help with visual content needs to ensure the best shopping experience for consumers online or in-stores.

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Instagram expands shopping on IGTV

No surprises here! Instagram has implemented the shopping experience long before other social media platforms have. By expanding online shopping with IGTV, IG Live, and stories, the photo-sharing app allows creators and influencers to monetize their user base directly with giveaways and merchandise selling. Instagram’s shop section creates a personalized channel for items you may be interested in. Shoppers have the option to purchase products using the in-app checkout or by visiting the seller’s website.

What does this mean for your brand?

From inspiration to purchase, the consumer completes their journey without ever leaving the app. Instagram allows brands like yours to showcase products dynamically and enticingly with the ability to buy it right then and there.

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Checking out…

What a year it has been! People are looking for ways to bring back some light by thanking their family and friends with holiday spirit and gifts. With a few changes to shopping, use it to your brand’s advantage. YouTube is a great platform to utilize the new product tagging features directly in the videos, Google’s top 5-holiday shopping guidelines show you the consumer’s thought process, and Instagram’s in-app purchase feature is a game-changer for your followers. It’s not too late to get an assist on custom visual content from StudioNow. Adaptability is the trend of 2020, and once you use these new features, you’ll be ahead of the game. Happy shopping!

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