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Alan W.

Alan W.

Orlando, FL

Production, Architecture Photography

I have a small commercial photography & videography production company based in Salt Lake City, UT a...

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Johannes Larsen D.

Johannes Larsen D.

Editing, Production

Director/photographer based in Oslo. Ideally located in the deep end of the Himalayas.

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Chloe A.

Chloe A.

San Francisco, CA

Production, Videography

award-winning photographer and director

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Evan O.

Evan O.

Tualatin, OR

Editing, Product Photography

Dovetail Filmworks is a Portland-based video production company that connects you to your community....

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How Tos

How to hire a production company

Production companies are usually a full service company that will handle all the logistics that go into producing great content. When hiring for a production company you'll want to ensure that they have past experience handling all aspects of a production that has similar traits to what you expect them to handle for your brand's production.

How to find a production company

Finding a production company can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Production companies vary greatly not only by team size but also by the scope of work that they're willing to take on. When searching for a production company feel free to ask questions about whether they have minimum rates, have taken on similar projects as yours in the past and have access to the gear you may need that is specific to your production. Most production companies are happy to handle all the specifics with a production and walk you through any questions you may have around the actual production process with them.

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What is a production company?

A Production Company is often comprised of one or many creative individuals that are able to handle a variety of different creative projects including:

  • Video productions. Production companies are very adept at handling all aspects of a video production and can produce everything from short form social content to long form videos.
  • Photo productions. Production companies can also handle high end photo shoots where several aspects of production are needed to be handled including the hiring of models and location rentals.
  • Design and editing projects. Most production companies are also able to handle specific graphic design projects or editing of existing video clips.

How much does it cost to hire a production company?

Most production companies will have a set rate minimum in order to work with them that they set. The cost of working with a production company is also dependent on the size of the production or project that they are being asked to manage. Keep in mind that a production company is usually not just one individual but rather several individuals so this will affect costs.

Why hire a production company?

Hiring a production company ensures that you're getting top level service from some of the most talented creatives in content production. Production companies provide a completely hands free experience to ensure you're only getting the best quality content that you can ask for.

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