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Maximize every production dollar you spend by gaining insights into vendor sourcing, agency relationships and project management.

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T R U S T E D  B Y


The StudioNow Platform, our proprietary software, manages and simplifies the RFP and production process for content marketing. The complete transparency of our bidding process gives our clients total visibility into costs, timelines, revisions and final deliverables.


Our platform handles basic terms of service, contracting and reporting from project intake and RFP to bid selection and video production. It’s all managed through a central dashboard that gives you complete control and ensures you always find the right talent for the best price.


Data and insights

Gather more data for better decision-making and simplify your workflow.


• Understand the costs

• Consolidate data

• Use reporting to enhance the collaborative process

• Track and control budgets

• View specific project line items

• Access a clear audit trail

Transparent collaboration

The StudioNow software provides a level playing field for vendors, agencies and brands. 


• Communicate efficiently with team members

• Provide a record of responsibilities before treatments

• Automate and organize all of your files all in one interface

• Access a full audit log of all the activity within your project

Vendor and production management

With complete transparency in our bidding process, establish more trust between agencies, brands and vendors.


• Onboard new vendors

• Better understand the cost of production

• Access the StudioNow Vendor Network

• View multiple rounds of bidding

• Customize sealed or revealed bids

Consolidate all vendors and store data related to your media production projects all in one auditable management software.