Faces of StudioNow

Young man with glasses and a smile

We often celebrate and admire the beauty of a photograph, but rarely do we get to see who created it. A few months ago we launched a Challenge to discover just that – who are behind the amazing imagery? With over 3,000 submissions, here are a few of our favorite self portraits:

artistic blurry portrait of a man

female lying facedown on the beach

man posing with an animal skull

portrait of a female with big beautiful lips

male on a phone surrounded by plants

profile of a man pointing out the window

portrait of a man sitting in a chair with his dog

portrait of a naked woman biting her lip

profile of a female thinking

man walking towards a temple

Girl looking at the campera holding her hair

reflection of a man taking his own photo

man sitting on the couch with his skateboards

Thank you to all the creators who were brave enough to share a piece of themselves through a self portrait.

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