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Welcome to StudioNow. We have been working for a decade on developing high-level relationships with top-tier brands in order to deliver large scale video production projects to our vendor network. We invite you to apply for free access to our platform which sources projects daily for over 100 corporate clients.


Once you are accepted into the network, our members are given the opportunity to tackle inspiring projects with some of the world’s most recognizable brands.


The StudioNow Vendor Network includes everyone involved in the production process including photographers and independent filmmakers, all the way to full service production companies. We have produced more than 70,000 video projects with over 100 top-tier corporate clients and we would love to work with you!

What you can expect

We have a ton of great clients, and are adding more every day. Some of the world’s top brands are funneling their video production projects through the StudioNow Platform. When a project comes along, we carefully consider the shoot’s location, budget, scope and style in order to curate the perfect match for the client.


Once we’ve determined if you’re a good fit, one of our experienced producers will contact you regarding the opportunity. No job boards, no contests, no crowdsourcing. It’s just that simple.

Do you have what it takes?

This is what we expect from our creatives


We’re problem-solvers who happily put the customer first, no matter the size or scope.


Tight timelines are common. We need professionals that are organized and responsive, from start to finish.


We are the best. We’re a network of specialists who have a passion for their work and proven ability to deliver.


You can prove that you’ve worked with and delivered for the best brands in the world. And they loved it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just to be clear, what exactly will I do here?

Once you’re in the network, when a project comes along from a client that StudioNow thinks you’d be a great fit for, we simply reach out and see if you’re interested in tackling it. From there, you either accept the project or submit a bid, depending on project and client.

What kinds of projects do you do?

We do everything from small business video advertisements to animation projects to large-scale productions for major brands. Budgets for StudioNow projects range from $200 to $100,000.

I’m a painter/photographer/makeup artist, do you need me?

Absolutely. If you’re a creative, we can use you in our network.

So StudioNow is a production company?

No, we are a cloud-based software platform that connects production companies, and other creatives, with clients to execute great content for them.

What does it cost me?

It’s free to join and remain in the network. For some projects, you’ll see and receive a set rate for the project. For others, you’ll have the opportunity to bid and set your own price, from which StudioNow receives a small percentage. Both you and the client are made aware of the percentage in those situations, and it’s super easy to just factor it into the cost.

How often will I get projects through StudioNow?

It’s hard to say. Some have opportunities for three projects a week, while some go months in between. It all depends on client needs and geography.

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